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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

What Is Sexuality Really?

Everyone is so deluded about what sex and sexuality really are. Were fed so much propaganda through our social conditioning and cultural programming about them that no one really understands their true essence. And most people around the world live in a sex negative culture that makes them feel ashamed of their sexuality and like sex is wrong unless it is experienced within a very specific container, within the constrictions that your cultural programming says you should experience it. Men are fed bullshit about how sex should just be about fucking, women are fed bullshit about how sex should just be about love, religious people are fed bullshit about how sex should be about marriage…when are we going to be allowed to experience our sexuality naturally and freely for what it really is? The truth is that sexuality is just about evolution. And whats more is that sex is the ONLY thing that we are here to do. Our sole purpose here on earth as living creatures is to survive and replicate. Sex is in fact the meaning of life. It is where we came from, and what we are here to do. And it is both the simplest and most basic as well as the most ultimate and most meaningful thing a human being can do. To have sex is to fulfill the purpose of life and to become self actualized as a human being. It is to be in touch with your true essence and experience yourself and another human being fully. Human beings are simply evolutionary machines, and sex is an evolutionary mechanism. Everything else that humans attach to it is just a social construct made to deviate us from our purpose and put us under the control of other powers that be. But when you can experience your own sexuality fully and freely you will get back in touch with that purpose, back in touch with your true essence as a human being, back in touch with the meaning of life. And you will be getting in touch with another human being on the deepest and most ultimate level, and able to experience the synergy that two people of opposite sexual polarity can experience when that polarity comes together and harmonizes. You see you don’t just experience the evolution of human nature when procreating. You experience it as your own personal and interpersonal evolution when having sex and engaging in a sexual partnership with someone of opposite sexual polarity. But you cannot experience that when your mind is clouded with the constructs of social conditioning. So free your mind from the influence of socialization and the ways in which everyone says you should be experiencing your sexuality. Tune into your sexuality as a natural part of your human nature and allow yourself to become sexually liberated and empowered so that you can experience it truly. And when you have sex, allow yourself to really feel what is happening in your body, mind and spirit. Feel that energy, that synergy, and all of the reactions taking place within your being and between you and your partner taking you to the next level of your own personal and interpersonal existence and evolution. Really allow the sex you are having to take place as fully and powerfully as it was meant to as an evolutionary mechanism. When you can do that, you will be fulfilled as a human being. And there is no greater better feeling, or state of existence that you can experience. That is the power of your sexuality. It is already inherent within your human nature, all you have to do is free yourself of your blockage and allow it to take place.
-Brian Krall
True Life Relationships

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