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Monday, May 18, 2015


Ingredient Name     Quantity      Unit
pepper powder 1 1/2Teaspoons
butter 1Teaspoons
coriander powder 1Tablespoons
coconut powder 1Tablespoons
red chilli powder 1/2Teaspoons
salt as per tasteTo Taste
curry leaves 7Leaf
Turmeric Powder pinchPinch
Ginger Garic Paste 1Teaspoons
onions 1Cup
Oil 1 1/2Tablespoons
Garama masala 2 eachNumbers
Lamb chops 500Grams
coriander leaves 1Bunch
garam masala podwer pinchPinch

  1. Take Lamb chops wash and keep a side.
  2. Take a presurecooker add oil,garamasalas, chopped onions mix well then add gingergarlic,turmeric,curry leaves,salt to taste,red chilli powder,coconut powder,coriander powder saute little bit then add chops into it mix well and add some water and close with presure cooker lid and cook for 15min.
  3. Once the chops are cooked keep it a side, take a non stick pan add butter, chopped garlic,pepper powder, some more curry leaves and mix well now add the cooked chops to this mixture.
  4. Cook this in very slow flame till it changes colour to brown or till the masala sticks to the chops.Lastly add coriander leaves chopped and garama masala powder.Serve with roti or rice

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