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Monday, May 25, 2015

A Special Spot On The Finger: Instantly Lowers Blood Pressure And Eliminates Every Pain!

This is used in the military medicine. In the military medicine the healing is done differently, it is all done fast: fast pain stop, fast recovery and fast bringing back of the health. One neighbor of mine, retired soldier, showed me this spot:
The spot is on the middle hand finger on the right as well as the left hand. It should be pressed, let’s say with a pen, and keep it pressed as shown on the picture for one minute. It is incredibly painfull.
But, after this one minute passes, the pain is gone, and the other pain (like mine in the back) is also gone. It works as a blockage.
“So” – he explained –“if you feel very bad, always press this spot. It instantly lowers the blood pressure, releases from pain and normalizes other things.”
Of course, this isn’t a cure for hypertension or other diseases, but a first aid for emergencies when you don’t have medicine by your side, or if they don’t work. It helps to release yourself from the health problem for a moment.…/

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