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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Clay refrigerator

Mansukh Prajapati, a potter, came up with this terrific idea of a building a clay refrigerator for people who cannot afford refrigerators. Called as the Mitti Cool fridge, the contraption measuring 18.5 inch in height and 11 inch in width has two water tanks – one each at the top and the bottom. The working of the fridge is similar to that of clay pots used in rural areas,ones that keep water cool in the summers. It requires neither electricity nor any artificial form of energy so reducing recurring costs to zero. Miticool’s total costs in around Rs. 2000/- , which is almost 80% lesser than conventional refrigerator.
Mitti Cool's top tank can store about 20 liter of water, while the center cabinet has space for storing fruits,vegetables and milk. The natural cooling process inside the refrigerator keeps the vegetables and fruits fresh for up to seven days, while milk can be preserved for three days. The fridge keeps the temperature down in the 5 to 8 Degree Celsius range.
Mansukh didn't stop here. Now his company ‘Mitticool Clay Creation' makes 10+ products made up of pure clay, affordable enough to satisfy poor person’s needs.
Mansukh’s efforts are recorded by Forbes Magazine and listed him in list of seven most powerful rural Indian entrepreneurs, whose “inventions are changing lives” of the people across the country. He is also awarded by Honorable president of India.