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Friday, November 21, 2014

" Bharat Ratna Sir C. V. Raman" Physicist and Leadership

" Bharat Ratna Sir C. V. Raman" Physicist

"Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman, FRS; 7 November 1888 – 21 November 1970 was an Indian physicist, born in the former Madras Province, whose ground breaking work in the field of light scattering earned him the 1930 Nobel Prize for Physics.

"Born: November 7, 1888, Thiruvanaikaval
"Died: November 21, 1970, Bangalore.
"Awards: Nobel Prize in Physics, Bharat Ratna, Lenin Peace Prize, Matteucci Medal, Franklin Medal, Hughes Medal
Parents: Parvathi Ammal, R. Chandrasekhar Iyer
Education: Presidency College, Chennai (1907), Presidency College, Chennai (1902–1904), University of Madras
Books: Why the Sky is Blue: Dr. C.V. Raman Talks about Science."
"During a voyage to Europe in 1921, Raman noticed the blue colour of glaciers and the Mediterranean sea. He was motivated to discover the reason for the blue colour. Raman carried out experiments regarding the scattering of light by water and transparent blocks of ice which explained the phenomenon.
"There is an event that served as the inspiration of the Raman effect. On a December evening in 1927, Raman's student K. S. Krishnan (who later became the Director of the National Physical Laboratory) gave him the news that Professor Compton had won the Nobel Prize for his studies of the scattering of X-rays. This led Raman to theorize that if the Compton effect is applicable for X-rays, then it may be for light also, and to devise some experiments.
"Raman employed monochromatic light from a mercury arc lamp which penetrated transparent material and was allowed to fall on a spectrograph to record its spectrum. He detected lines in the spectrum which he later called Raman lines. He presented his theory at a meeting of scientists in Bangalore on 16 March 1928, and won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1930."
"श्री* ॐ"~"श्री*~* ॐ~"श्री*~ ॐ"~"श्री*~ ॐ" *"श्री* * ॐ"*"श्री**
"The HIGHEST GREAT HUMAN & MAGNATES do not SEEK to get any Name or Fame from their True, Pure, Subjective, Perfect, Absolute & Divine Jnana (Vidya, Knowledge).
They leave their divine ideas to the world for welfare of Living & Non Living,
they put forth no claims for themselves and establish
no schools or systems in their NAME..
The Whole nature shrinks from such a divine thing.
They are PURE SATTVIKAS (harmonious qualities) who can never make any Stir, but ONLY MELT DOWN IN UNCONDITIONAL LOVE & MENTAL PEACE."
*"ॐ"~The Gita ~"ॐ"*
"Our Veda says that we are made of Five divine Elements : Earth, Water, Prakash (Fire), Air & Ether (Akash)."
"The Conscious - Self can be compares to a Machine , which is the Medium of Work through which electricity operates."
The Human Body is simply medium; there is not question of it being active because of GROSS - NATURE."
"Due to his Ego a living being becomes the Doer (Hindi - Karta), "I", "ME", & "MINE", unable to experience the difference between the "CHAITANYA", the "CONSCIOUS - SELF" & the "DIVINE BODY.
"This is called the DORMANT STATE of the "CONSCIOUS -SELF."
*"ॐ"~Guru Tattwa, Prarbdha~"ॐ"*
"The basis of this apparent plurality in ADVAITA{Non Duality). Other than one sovereign entity there is nothing else."
"Human Jnana, Vidya, knowledge has Advanced with rapid Strikes in different
directions of Physical, Social, Political Sphere , in Science and Art
and in Metaphysical and its sphere, Yet it is like a DROP in the Ocean
of Infinity of Jnana, Vidya, knowledge, one glances at the Universe and
visualizes the Immense Treasure of Knowledge it contains.
"Attempts heve been made to Enlarges the perceptive range and Power of SIGHT
by the invention of machines like X- Rays, Microscope, Telescope, Sonography, C.T. Scan, M.R.I & so forth, is a Proof of that Effect."
*"ॐ"~Guru Tattwa, Prarbdha, Moddism ~"ॐ"*
"The Ancient Vedantic True,Pure, Subjective & Absolute Knowledge are assumed to be Highly Knowledgeable about the Intricate
Functioning of Various Subtle phenomenon
occurring in Divine Nature & Living Being as well of Non Living
(Pancha Tattwa : Earth, Air, Water, Fire & Ether).
The Saints
of Vedanta studied the Subtle Interaction between Human & Nature
(universe) in Great Detail and have Evolved Some Code of Conduct to
control these activities. {Yatha Pinde - Tatha Brahmande, Human Body
& Universe is Homologous)."
*" The Indian Vedantic is *~The Sequence of Creation of Universe & other Universe." one of these."*
*"ॐ"~Guru Tattwa, Prarbdha, Moddism ~"ॐ"*
" The Research is Master key to development in all aspects of Living Being Life i.e. Social, Religious & Spiritual every moment for welfare of Humanity & Nature i.e. Divine Five Tattwa : Earth, Air, Water, Fire & Akash (Sky, Ether, Infinite)."
There is ongoing relationship between development journey of humankind and research. Increasing dominance of science and technology in the field of agriculture will surely prove to be beneficial to farmers and to the field of agriculture as a whole. It is an important endeavour for the welfare of mankind. Best wishes for your effort."
*"ॐ"~Guru Tattwa, Prarbdha, Moddism ~"ॐ"*
"The IMBIBE Qualities of Leadership for Reform the Every Country of World."
*" ॐ" ~Ancient Chankya~ "ॐ"*
(1). A leader should be down to Earth like Mahatma Gandhi. If he becomes High- Fly he can be carried off the centre & crash."
(2). A wise leader should first select a person by his good work and then should delegate him the work."
(3)." The leader should not take all the credit for what happens. He should have no need for FAME."
(4). "A Moderate Ego in the Leader, Demonstrates his wisdom."
(5). A Leader should remain open and receptive . He should not take sides."
(6). "HE should remain Conflict -Free and should be in a position to breathe freely and remain relaxed even in the presence of passionate fears and desires."
(7). He should learn to lead in a nourishing manner, should be Gentle and shoid not Dominate nor should be Coerce."
(8)." A Leader should know what is emerging and should keep CALM with whatever are the Results."
(9)." A Leader should not be emotional and possessive."
(10)." A Leader should be a Good Man."
*" ॐ" ~Ancient Chankya~ "ॐ"*