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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Radiation from MOBILE PHONES may cause Brain tissue Damage, a two-year study has found...... (!)

Scientists discovered that emissions from handsets Affect the delicate make-up of cells in Blood Vessels, and could be a Health Hazard to regular users of mobile phones.

The radiation Might Disable a safety barrier in the body which protects the brain from harmful substances in the blood, they believe.

Professor Dariusz Leszczynski, who led the study, said: 'There is Massive use of mobile phones in society now; our brains are being Bombarded with radiation all the time.

Cell phones emit radiofrequency energy, a form of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation, which can be absorbed by tissues closest to where the phone is held.

The amount of radiofrequency energy a cell phone user is exposed to depends on the Technology of the phone, the Distance between the phone’s antenna and the user, the Extent and Type of use, and the user’s Distance from cell phone towers.

Another studies thus far have not shown a consistent link between cell phone use and cancers of the brain, nerves, or other tissues of the head or neck. More research is needed because cell phone technology and how people use cell phones have been changing rapidly. But food for thoughts to Ponder on, anyway..

There are Some TRICKS though to Reduce the Exposure of Mobiles on Your Brain..

- When calling to someone/ waiting for an answer, Always try to hold your mobile in your hand AWAY from your ear. This way your brains Won’t be exposed to radiation at least during Waiting time.

- Always answer your mobile with LEFT year because, I read, if you use the right one it will Affect brain Directly. You need time to get used to it, but I managed that with time.

- Do NOT wait until the Last Bar of the Energy Indicator because it is when the mobile Releases HUGE amount of Radiation on your brain While Connecting by trying to Catch the signal due to ‘Dying’ batteries (try to rather exchange messages if you do not have a charger nearby whenever you can). So wait until TWO bars of energy indicator and Recharge your mobile (!).

- Try to use Mobile companies which provide with Good Signal which could be reached in many even quite remote locations (Especially IF you are Expecting a baby!).

- When you are home or no much noise around, you can always speak to a person with mobile SOUND ON so that your Brain Won’t be Exposed to radiation much if any. I personally do that. -)

- Do Not keep mobile on your chest (near the Heart).

- Do Not let Children use them! Their brains are Far more Influenced by mobiles exposure (!).

- Do Not keep your mobiles Under the pillow While Sleeping (!) and also put it as far as possible from your bed while sleeping.

Hope it helps.


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