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Sunday, September 21, 2014


KIRTI TORAN .... The torans left behind by the Solanki dynasty @ Vadnagar in Gujarat, was a major centre of Hindu worship.

The Kirti ‘Toran’, called the ‘Kirti Stambha’ (Temple Arch) in other regions, is a religious form that flourished under the Solanki rule in Gujarat. Two of the finest examples are at Vadnagar. At one time, both must have been connected with a temple, not a trace of which now remains , interestingly, dismantled parts of a similar but much bigger arch lie in the vicinity. These two arches may have been part of a big temple complex.

The Toran of Vadnagar in Gujarat Of the two, the one that stood at what was the edifice of Rewah, is a truly imposing structure. Almost complete and a typical example of its kind, it rises to a total height of 40 feet. It consists of two massive and elaborate columns, supporting a wide cornice, above which rises a vaulted pediment.Built by a Solanki ruler, the toran in red and yellow sandstone has carvings of battle and hunting scenes.

Many images of gods and goddesses on the arch now stand disfigured. They were, according to historians, vandalised by the armies of Allauddin Khilji, the first Muslim invader to raid north Gujarat during the Sultanate period.

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