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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

How to make at Home RAW APPLE CIDER Vinegar..

This recipe will be also Beneficial for the ANGIOGRAPHY or BYPASS surgery Prevention cure, which will be shared today in the evening by 18.00 Indian time (in HINDI too).
Raw (and Cloudy) Apple Cider Vinegar is usually made of sweet-sour or Sweet apples. Try to find organic option if you can or at least buy from Local farmers’ market. These two are the best options. Do not get discouraged if you need t buy Imported apples – anyway, making your own Raw Apple Cider Vinegar is Great for your Health..

For it you need a few kilograms of apples (it depends on how many liters of Apple Cider Vinegar you are planning to make).

1) Juice apples.

2) Poor the juice into glass or enamel containers (do Not use metal container when making vinegar). Make sure they filled Maximum on 70% so that the vinegar Breathe.

3) Cover it with an AIR cloth (cheesecloth filter) and place in a Dark Aired (!) place. Stir Every day (ideally with wooden spoon) till the Bottom of a jar.

4) The cider should be kept in Dark 30-45 days (I personally keep it 30 days).

5) The temperature of the room should be 18-25*C or 60-80 F.

6) Do not forget to write down the Date of making it!

7) After 30 days taste it and if you are happy about its strength, Filter it and poor in Glass containers to be kept in a Fridge.

I also would like to add… May be the way (colour) your vinegar will look like won’t impress you much and won’t look as ‘pretty’ as in shops (clear version) BUT.. this beautiful Cloudiness FULL of Goodness will definitely Benefit your body a Big time in So many ways! Clear and Pasteurized options of ASV is basically Useless for health. So make it home and Indulge yourself throughout a year!

Do Not forget to Shake your Apple cider vinegar every time you use it so that that ‘mother’, its cloudiness could spread evenly. Ideally take it on Empty stomach as first thing in the morning (or 20 min Before meals) diluted in water – 1-2 tea spoons in 250 ml of water or so. 

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