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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Effect by generations of ancestors:

The influence or impact of ancestors of the past three generations is maximum i.e. up to the generation of our great grand parents.

The ancestors of up to the last seven generations have some sizeable influence.

The ancestors beyond the seventh generation do not affect us much. This is because the give-and-take account with the ancestors is fully completed or completed to a large extent in a given birth. Hence in the next birth, the give-and-take with ancestors of this present birth will be negligible if at all. If a sizeable give-and-take account remains, then we are born in the same family once again.

The above pertains to how far we are affected by our lineage (i.e. the vertical family tree). If we look at it horizontally (or laterally), we are affected by our ancestors up to our second cousins.

Ancestors can cause us problems in life due to various factors such as needing our help, to fulfill desires, settle give-and-take accounts, etc.

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