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Monday, September 17, 2012

Vallabha Ganapathi

Bheeja pooragadekshukarmukarujaa chakrabja pasthpala,
Vrehygraswavishana rathna kalasa prodhyuth karamboruha,
Dhyoyo vallabhaya cha padmakarayaslishto jwalath bhooshaya,
Viswothpathi vinasa samsthithikaro vigno visishtarthadha.

It is necessary to meditate on that God who prevents bottlenecks,
Who holds in his eleven hands things like lemon, mace,
Bow, sugarcane, spear, holy wheel, lotus flower, rope,
The black bel flower, the paddy bunch, his own tusk and pot of gems,
Who is being embraced by his wife who is well ornamented,
And having in her hand a lotus flower,
Who does the creation, upkeep and destruction of the universe,
And who blesses all with the special wealth.

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