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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Inside Hard Disk ( Must Share Nice Info )

A hard disk is a disk magnet , and is the permanent storage facility of a computer . This information is contained programs and files , making it one of the most important parts of a computer. In this article, learn more to your computer and find that it is a hard disk .

This device contains coded digital information in discrete values of zeros and ones, to preserve this information are used magnetic disk surface , which are rotating at high speeds. It was called “hard” to establish a marked difference with the then widely used floppy disk or diskette . Although hard drives are currently measured, as their capacity in gigabytes (GB), a few decades its storage capacity was not large compared to the floppy.

Hard disks are still connected to the card mother . On the other hand, the hard disk is considered as the only element within a computer, which can be considered as mechanical and electronic.

Is said to be E , for preserving digital information using a magnetic surface for that and for having an electronic control circuit, which administers the correct operation, and mechanical, because generally has the following parts:

Surface plates magnetic data recording.
Head of reading and writing.
Motor for rotation of dishes .
Electromagnet for head movement.
Dust shield and air filter .

As a Hard Disk is a mass storage unit , there are certain concepts that were developed to refer to certain areas of the disk:

Plato : each of the disks into a HD.
Face : each of the two sides having a Plato.
Head : total number of read-write heads.
Tracks : a circle within a face, so the track 0 is located at the outer edge.
Cylinder : A set of multiple tracks using a vertical cut (taking one from each side).
Sector : is each division of a track, although the size is not fixed, is used as a standard 512-byte sectors (that represents the unit of memory smaller).

As mentioned before, the hard drive connects to the motherboard , to make this possible is required to establish a connection. The connection types commonly used to communicate the hard drive with the operating system are:

Interface IDE / PATA
SATA Interface
USB Interface

On the other hand, because it is a component of advanced technology and investment requirements necessary for the development of a hard drive , these are only manufactured at the world , by a handful of companies .

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