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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Are you in need of work, but think you are overqualified for a position at McDonald’s? Guess what, many famous people have worked at McDonald’s at some point in their life. Find out who has flipped burgers for the fast food joint here!
MSN Money shares…
Internet CEO
Clue: Before moving to Seattle to start his Internet empire, the college grad (what school did he attend?) was working on Wall Street. His résumé includes a stint at McDonald’s for a summer during high school.
Who: Jeff Bezos, CEO of
Award-winning food author
Clue: He teamed up with his wife to write award-winning cookbooks and has won this prestigious award. But his first stint in the kitchen was at McDonald’s when he was 15.
Who: Andrew Dornenburg, Chef and Author
British actor
Clue: The British actor can be seen in Madonna’s movie about this iconic couple. He worked at McDonald’s after attending drama school (which one?).
Who: James D’Arcy, Actor
Academy Awards host
Clue: This former Oscar host was recently in this ape movie (which one?) and is no stranger to taking on odd jobs. He worked a McDonald’s drive-through window after dropping out of college (which one?) to pursue acting.
Who: James Franco, Actor
Soul singer
Clue: Known for a massive 1990s hit single, she was also a contestant on “Dancing With the Stars,” where she proved a better singer than dancer. Before appearing in a McDonald’s commercial, she worked there in her teens.
Who: Macy Gray, Singer
Actor and stand-up comedian
Clue: A stand-up comedian and an “Original Kings of Comedy,” member, he was a star of a TV sitcom (which one?). His first job, cleaning a McDonald’s lobby, wasn’t so funny.
Who: DL Hughley, Actor and Comedian
Clue: Known for his music and songwriting as well as for his illness (he suffers from this), he promoted himself to customers with tapes of his music while working at a McDonald’s.
Who: Daniel Johnston, Singer and Songwriter
Court TV talk-show host
Clue: This legal mind hit it big as a host on this show and then lost a lot with this procedure. She was promoted from fry cook to cashier while working at a McDonald’s.
Who: Star Jones, Co-Host on The View
An ex-governor
Clue: Before working an initiative with McDonald’s to use his state’s pork supply (read about it), he worked for the fast-food chain before joining the Navy in 1969.
Who: Joe Kernan, Former Governor of Indiana
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