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Monday, February 27, 2012

Horoscope Matching

The various factors to be considered in match making in order
of importance are :-

1. Longevity of partners. 
2. Mental and psychological health.
3. Factors showing separation or divorce.
4. Compatibility of partners.

Mutual disposition of Mars and Venus plays a very important role in marriage. Venus is associated with spouse, material comforts, sex harmony, physical beauty etc, where as Mars abounds in energy, aggressiveness and in association with Venus gives a tendency to excess of sensual gratification. Venus-Mars disposition although an important factor for physical attraction but in the absence of Jupiter’s or even Saturn’s benign influence, real compatibility between partners may be lacking. Venus–Mars conjunction makes one fond of pleasure, demonstrative and adds a zest to one’s sensual life. Therefore after examining basic structure of horoscope of
partners, it is ensured that long married life is indicated. When this assurance is indicated, question of compatibility of partners comes into picture which is examined by ‘Mangali Dosha’
and ‘Gana’ agreement.

There are total 36 Ganas and in the Gana agreement, compatibility of partners is examined from various points of view relevant to happy married life. The various aspects and points assigned to them are :-

1. VARNA - 1
2. VASYA - 2
3. TARA - 3
4. YONI - 4
6. GANA - 6
8. NADI - 8

NADI DOSH :  let's first find out what is a Nadi Dosh and how is it formed. Horoscope of every person shows his Nadi depending upon the placement of Moon in different Constellations or Nakshatras at the time of his birth.If both Male and Female have Nadis which are different from each other, a score of 8 is added to the point chart and if both of them are having same Nadis, a score of 0 is added and Nadi Dosh is said to be formed.

 Nadi Dosh is generally said to cause a divorce or separation if both Male and Female are having Aadi Nadi. Nadi Dosh is said to cause death of either one or both of the partners if both Male and Female are having either Madhya or Ant Nadis. This is why a Male and a Female having same Nadi are advised not to marry each other. However there are some aspects which are said to cancel the effects of Nadi Dosh. Nadi Dosh is said to be nullified if any of these conditions are met:

If both Male and Female are born in the same Nakshatra but the Charana or Pada of Nakshatra is different, Nadi Dosh is said to be nullified despite both of them having the same Nadi.

If both Male and Female have same Moon Sign but the birth Nakshatras are different and both of them have same Nadi, Nadi Dosh is said to benullified.
If both Male and Female have same birth Nakshatra but the Moon Signs are different, Nadi Dosh is said to be nullified in spite of both of them having same Nadi.

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