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Friday, February 24, 2012

Education and Astrology

Making Right choices & taking right Decisions at the right times is very important for every student who wants to make his or her Career.
The planets in your horoscope, or birth chart, indicate the type of education and profession that could suit you best. It can also highlight and reveal the periods best suitable for your education.
According to astrology, the third house is the home of education. It represents your capacity for learning, and intellectual capabilities. Ruled by the Sun sign Gemini, and the planet Mercury, the third house provides the ground for what type of schooling and subjects, including college learning, could suit you best.
The third house mirrors your talent for common sense too — the most uncommon thing in our highly competitive world!
When Mercury is in its own house or in a Kendra from the ascendant or remains in a trine the native gets flourished with high education, vehicles and property. If Mercury, Jupiter and Venus are in the ninth house the native is renowned scholar.
The ninth house, in like manner, is thought to be the home of higher learning. It covers areas such as the sciences, spirituality, philosophy, and so on. The ninth house is ruled by the Sun sign Sagittarius, and the planet Jupiter.
The ninth house represents what you can achieve, not just in terms of learning, but also through your intuitive and exploratory abilities.

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