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Thursday, December 29, 2011


Convert Website Visitors to Buyers With Landing Pages

A customer walks into your office. You give your sales pitch. The customer listens intently. She looks around at the photos on the wall and the condition of the office. She evaluates the benefits you are providing. She then makes a decision in her head to either accept your message, or not.
If she buys, it’s a conversion.
Now imagine 1,000 customers walk into your office over a year’s time, and 10 percent of those customers end up buying from you. You just converted 100 customers at a 10 percent conversion rate! That’s a good thing!
Those customers obviously appreciated your sales message, how your office looks and your overall presentation, which is why they bought from you. Now imagine if you could increase that 10 percent conversion rate to 11 percent, or 15 percent, or even 20 percent?
Wow! How much more money would you be making every year with those numbers? So you would do your best to make sure that your office was professional and clean, and your sales pitch was practiced, right?
If you’re doing it offline in sales meetings and with your printed materials, why wouldn’t you take the same care and preparation online with your website, your blog and your landing pages?
For your small business, the same sales process that happens in your office is happening online, but you may not give it as much attention as you need to.
You may be trying to sell your product or service, or get more email newsletter signups, or get more downloads of your new ebook or white paper. But if you’re not doing it the right way with high-quality landing pages, you’ll never get the conversions you need to see your conversion rate increase.
So what is a landing page? A landing page is a single Web page that appears in response to clicking on an advertisement. The landing page will usually display directed sales copy that is a logical extension of the advertisement or link.
  • A landing page is not your website.
  • A landing page should not have website navigation.
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