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Sunday, October 30, 2011


It’s a well known fact that movies are fictional. However, many movies are based off of true stories or books and may have some great tips when it comes to wealth building. These movies are the best of all the film about making money. Check them out for some good times and wealth building ideas.
Murlu recommends…

Boiler Room

Much like a modern day Wall Street, Boiler Room is an edgy movie about a guy that’s tired of running the daily game of trying to make some money and decides to go after the stock market instead.
As he points out, you either go for it all or you sit by the wayside while opportunity pass you by – sounds familiar when you think about your own business ideas, huh?
Following the same parallels as Wall Street, even including scenes dedicated to the movie, Boiler Room is a very relaxing but intense movie.
I particularly enjoy this movie because it has a more urban and young feel to the movie. Every player in Boiler Room are young and the rising stars for their business.


Pi is an insane movie from the director of the well known movie Requiem for a Dream.
Being a complete genius with numbers and computers, Max stumbles upon patterns within the stock market which predicts the results of the next day. But it’s not all sunshine with this discovery.
Governments, individuals and private corporations all want to know how Max does it. With increasing pressure from all, Max starts to become more and more paranoid.
Pi is really great because it’s shot on a low budget – black and white, gritty and plenty of intense scenes of paranoia. The movie shows how knowledge can be a double edged sword.

Wall Street

Wall Street, staring Michael Douglas and Charlie Sheen, is a classic movie about the New York stock market, major trades and the dangers of insider trading.
Without a doubt, Wall Street is the quintessential movie about making money. I don’t want to spoil it for you but this movie shows a glaring portrayal of the stock market during the 80′s – it’s got it all.
Charlie Sheen’s character is an up-and-coming star within the stock market that finally lands the big whale but it doesn’t stop with the small time. Once in Michael Douglas’ pocket, Sheen shows how going after the big one has its ups and downs.
I really like this movie because it shows a time which I did not get to experience – only told through stories. I highly recommend it to see the full ride of how dangerous greed can get you.

21 “Bringing Down The House”

A few years ago I read the book Bringing Down the House – a book about how MIT students use their knowledge to beat blackjack in Las Vegas.
Based on a true story, I devoured the book in an afternoon. A short while later the movie came out; this movie was called 21.
Although not completely taken from the text, the movie is quick and fun. The characters go from learning how to count cards all the way up to being so wrapped up in the game that they need to use fake identities to continue their tricks.
There’s also some great ideas you can generate from the movie: although you may think you fit a certain role, always use your knowledge to pursue different options.
Read the reviews on 21 or check out the book if you want the full story.
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