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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Have you heard of an all in one computer? If not, you should learn about them. They have existed for ten years but the highlight is that they are much better now than they were then, as well as cheaper. Find out how they can serve your business here!
Entrepreneur explains…
1. They save space. Businesses are often tight on space and the best part about these computers is that there’s no separate, bulky tower. Owners want to save money by occupying less real estate, and since more of our staff is mobile, we don’t even need much space any more. In smaller quarters, you’re going to want any space-saving solution you can find. While notebook computers are great, you’ll find that when you’re at your desk for hours you want a larger monitor with a full-powered computer. An all-in-one computer can be your answer here.
2. Touch screens can improve communication. Not only are the touch screens that most all-in-ones have now functional wonders, they can also improve interactions between you, the computer and your customers, or others you work with. For example, a client or colleague in a product demo or training session is likely to be more engaged in your conversation when they touch the screen than when they use a mouse or keyboard.
Beyond running traditional Windows programs (like watching a video or your accounting program) you can work with a developer to create custom software for your industry. For example, maybe you’re a baker and you want to enable walk-in customers to choose a cake and its decorations through the touch screen of your all-in-one computer.
3. They look good. Let’s face it, all-in-one computers are thin and sleek. Depending on your industry (such as hotels, banking or hospitals) you might need to have a computer in a public place. Instead of having multiple components, a one-piece, touchscreen computer can help make your lobby, reception desk or other public place look much better.
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