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Thursday, October 27, 2011


Do you spend time throughout the day dreaming up inventions? Ever wonder if some of these ideas might be money makers? Check out the top inventions of the summer and see if your idea can match up to these. Get the list here!
Infoniac shares…
Airport Security System that Sniffs and Scans
The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is about to have a new-generation security system installed. The system will promptly scan and sniff travelers passing through a special zone and categorize the scanned data into 3 categories according to the degree of risk.
Smart Fabric Charges Gadgets that Lie on It
This invention was created by a team of students at Aalborg University in Denmark. Their nanotechnology-powered smart fabric makes it possible to charge various portable gadgets by simply placing them on the fabric.
See-Through Sound-Absorbing Curtain
Developed by a group of Swiss scientists in collaboration with textile designer Annette Douglas and Weisbrod-Zurrer AG, the new type of sound absorbing curtain is lightweight, transparent and shows a sound-absorbing efficiency that is 5 times greater than that of other curtains marketed today.
World’s Smallest Medical Video Camera
This invention was created by researchers from Medigus, a medical device firm with headquarters in Tel-Aviv, Israel. The device has a diameter of only 0.039-inches (0.99 mm) and can be used in the filed of medicine, mainly in performing medical endoscopic procedures. Thus it will allow doctors reach difficult areas of the human body.
Jacket with Heating Packs to Keep You Warm
Designed and created by Columbia Sportswear, this USB-powered heating jacket from the company’s Omni-Heat line has 2 heating packs that can be easily charged via USB. Even when the heating packs run out of power, the wearer will still feel comfortable as the jacket is rather warm itself.

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