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Thursday, July 28, 2011

What is the material basis of Quantum Consciousness ?

What is the material basis of Quantum Consciousness ?
 Will Physics explain Consciousness? 
 At what step does consciousness begin?
Our brain works on dualistic basis: 
a) consciousness , b) unconsciousness 
 In his last autobiographic article, Einstein wrote: 
 " . . . the discovery is not the matter of logical thought, 
even if the final product is connected with the logical form" 
In  book ‘ The Holographic Universe’  Michael Talbot 
 on  page 160 explained this situation in such way: 
‘ Contrary to what everyone knows it is so, it may not be 
 the brain that produce consciousness, but rather consciousness 
 that creates the appearance of the brain ’ 

In our terrestrial world the Information ( some basis of Consciousness)
 can be transfer to you only by Electromagnetic waves. 
Lorentz proved: there aren’t Electromagnetic waves without Electron. 
Therefore I say, 
only Electron can be the Quantum of Information / Consciousness. 
We don’t have any other theory of Information’s transfers. 
1900, 1905
Planck and Einstein found the energy of electron: E=h*f.
Sommerfeld found the formula of electron : e^2=ah*c,
 it means:     e = +ah*c  and  e = -ah*c.
Dirac found two more formulas of electron’s energy: 
          +E=Mc^2  and  -E=Mc^2.
Why does electron have  five ( 5 ) formulas ?
Why does electron obey four ( 4) Laws ? 
    a) The Law of conservation and transformation energy/ mass 
    b) The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle / Law 
    c) The Pauli Exclusion Principle/ Law 
    d) The Fermi-Dirac statistics

Now nobody knows what the Electron is. 
You know, it would be sufficient to really understand the electron. 
      / Albert Einstein  / 

Tell me what an electron is and I'll then tell you everything. 
     / One physicist  
 Evan Walker wrote:
"... indeed an understanding of psi phenomena and of 
consciousness must provide the basis of an improved 
understanding of quantum mechanics." 
In my opinion it means that to answer to the question 
‘ where the  consciousness come from?’ 
 we must understand not only the brain but electron too.
Once again. 
Human brain works on two levels: 
consciousness and subconsciousness. The neurons of brain 
create these two levels. So, that it means consciousness and 
 subconsciousness  from physical point of view ( interaction 
between billions and billions neurons ). It can only mean 
that the state of neurons  in these two situations is different. 
How can we understand these different states of neurons? 
How does the brain generate consciousness? 
We can understand this situation only on the quantum level, 
only using Quantum theory. But there isn’t QT without 
Quantum of Light and Electron. So, what is interaction between 
 Quantum of Light, Electron and brain ?   Nobody knows. 
Therefore I say:
 we must understand not only the brain but electron too.
And when we understand  the Electron 
we will know the Ultimate Nature of Reality.
According to Pauli Exclusion Principle 
only one single electron can be in the atom. 
If the atom contains more than one electron 
(for example - two), this atom represents " Siamese twins". 
Save us, the Great God, of having such atoms, such cells. 
And therefore the human brain has only one Electron. 
Each of us has an Electron, but we do not know it. 
As the ‘Bhagavad Gita’ says: 
Fools deride Me when I descend in the human form. 
They do not know My transcendental nature and 
 My supreme dominion over all that be. 
 / Chapter  9. Text 11./
Keynote, Luc Montagnier,
Nobel Laureate, Pasteur Institute,
‘ The transfer of biological information (!) through
electromagnetic waves and matter.’
Book: Quantum physics meets biology. 
/ By Markus Arndt, Thomas Juffmann, Vlatko Vedral  / 
Michael Brooks:
‘ The laws of physics dictate that information, like energy,
cannot be destroyed, which means it must go somewhere.’
/ Book ‘ The big questions’.   Page 195-196. /
Where is the root of consciousness?
At what step does consciousness begin?
The consciousness begins on electron’s level.
An electron (quantum of light) has its own initial consciousness.
 This consciousness is not rigid, but can develop.
 The development of consciousness goes
 “from vague wish up to a clear thought”  / Veda./
================== . 
Best wishes 
Israel  Sadovnik  Socratus 

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